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Daith Piercing: Debunking the myth

​ There is a lot of talk about the Daith piercing and it's supposed properties for relieving headaches and migraines. I wanted to make a quick and simple explaination. Here's the truth behind the myth:

The Daith piercing (Pronounced Doth to rhyme with moth) is a cartilige piercing, located in the inner ridge connecting to the helix and tragus.

Also located in the ear are pressure points that connect to every part of the body. When stimulated in the proper manner, usually through such practices as acupuncture, these points can relieve symptoms and stresses in the desired area.

A piercing does not stimulate these points in the same way.

A hollow needle is used to pass through the piercing site, and the jewelry fits inside the hole. Although a fresh piercing may feel tight, once healed there is no pressure at all.

Cartilage piercings also take a long time to heal, and can be quite painful and sore. They require diligent aftercare routine for several months for trouble free healing, which some people are not prepared for, or wish to do.

Looking at the above picture, you can see there are dozens of points where people commonly get pierced, and no remedies for those represented ailments have made it into main stream media! This is because it is a false claim based on misinformation.

If you suffer from migraines, you should first check your diet! Many foods can trigger migraines as well as environmental influences such as stress. Here's a useful site:

As a shop owner, I have seen so many people requesting the Daith piercing for the sole purpose of getting rid of their migraines. This concerns me that so many people suffer them! There must be a common cause, and I'm willing to bet that insufficient diet is to blame.

Please, research before believeing things you read online, not everyone is as honest as us when it comes to your health, some people will say anything to take your money.

Please share. Let's end this hype!

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